Bro. David Hallum

Senior Pastor

HALLUM-DAVID-42God has been good to me!  In every area of my life, I see the guiding hand of Jehovah God.  I have the privilege of being a third generation Baptist preacher.  My grandfather, James Jackson Hallum, served the Lord in that capacity from his ordination in 1905 until his death in 1953.  My father, Hezekiah Hallum, served the Lord in that capacity from his ordination in 1959 until his death in 2000.  I was ordained in 1978 and I hope to carry on the family tradition. More than that, I hope to carry on the family tradition of my Heavenly Father much more than the tradition of my earthly fathers!

Being born in a Christian home, I was reared in the church.  From the time I could walk and talk, I was speaking “Christianity”.  But it took a good, old fashioned, Holy Ghost revival to make me see, preacher’s kid or not, I was a sinner and I was going to Hell!  I thank the Lord that He saved me by His Grace, allowed me to be baptized into His church, welcomed me into His family with open arms and promised me a place in Heaven because He took my place on the Cross!
God called me to Jacksonville to finish my education.  When I arrived, with my wife and 3 children, I was a 36 year old college freshman. Through God’s amazing grace I was able to finish my Associates, Bachelors and Masters Degrees.  I am working on an online doctorate.  Just think!  My original plan was to zoom to Jacksonville for 4 years then hit the road wherever God wanted me to go!  Twenty-two years later, we are still in Jacksonville and loving it.
Having a home in one spot this long is a new deal for me.  I did not mention that my father was also career military.  If we were not moving because of the ministry, we were moving because of the military.  I’m glad to have a home!  But I long for the real home for Christians, Heaven!  I think our church is a little slice of heaven on earth! Come and see what is going on and enjoy what God is doing in the Grove!


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