Bro. Ricky Berry

Youth Pastor

I was born in Hinesville, Georgia on August 29, 1987 to my father, Chris Berry, and my mother, Rhonda Berry. My father was in the Army, so we didn’t live in Georgia very long before we came back to the great state of Texas. I’ve spent my whole life in Texas. I grew up around the outskirts of the Dallas Metroplex, in the small town of Crandall, Texas.

I graduated from Crandall High School in 2005. While in Crandall I experienced 4 life transforming things.

1) I received Christ at the age of 10 years old at a Royal Ambassador’s camp on Lake Lavon. I accepted Christ, but it wasn’t until nearly 8 years later that I began to get serious about my faith in Christ.

2) With Christ being my first love, I found my second love in my high school sweet heart, Jennifer Berry. Her father was the pastor of our church through my high school years. Her whole family, alongside my family, has played a significant role in my walk with Christ. On December 29, 2007, I married the beautiful lady that God designed for me.

3) During these life changes of being engaged and getting married, I began to feel burdened for the younger generation. I remembered the struggles I dealt with in high school and knowing God’s role in my life up to that point, I felt called to the youth ministry at my local church. I’m not sure what God saw in me, but I was willing to be used for His glory. I have been serving in youth ministry for just over 6 years with my wife faithfully serving beside me. It has truly been the most amazing experience. I have seen God work through students and their families. As of April 2013 we proudly call Afton Grove Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Texas our home.

4) In 2011, we received the greatest blessing to our family. My son, Bryan Berry, was born on December 7, 2011. My prayer is that I can raise my little man in Christ, and that I can be the father that God has called me to be. These 4 life transforming events in my life have been such an incredible blessing to me. These events have also led to a great deal of responsibility that I willfully accept.

I pray you come visit this wonderful church here at Afton Grove Baptist. I believe you will find some of God’s sweetest people in our church. I also pray that you allow us to pour into you and your family the things of our Savior, Jesus Christ. We are committed to carrying out the mission of Jesus Christ, to seek and save the lost, in our community, our city, our state, our country, and the world.

“Building the church from the inside out, to win souls from the outside in.”